Can you manage your money?

29 September 2011

LJMU’s Student Advice Team is encouraging all students to sort out a budget for the semester as soon as possible so they can make their money last.

Image of colourful pound signsLynne Condell, LJMU Student Funds Manager said:

"Most students get their grants and loans at this point in the academic year and we know the temptation to spend it can be overwhelming. For the majority of new students, this will be the most money they have ever had and they may not have yet acquired the budgeting skills they need to work out how to make their money last.

"We see loads of students that have spent too much too soon and then it is almost impossible to make your money last if you have already spent it. We are happy to help students draw up a budget if they want us to. In addition if you have not yet had your student funding through or are having problems sorting it out, come and talk to us and we can help you."

Please feel free to contact the Student Advice staff by calling 0151 904 6056/6057 or emailing

Further information is available at:

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