Car Parking Regulations

These regulations are issued in conjunction with the Liverpool John Moores University parking permit.

  1. All vehicles parked on LJMU car parks will be required to clearly display a valid parking permit.

    Permit Type A - this permit is valid on all University car parks at all times, while attending on University business.  All LJMU car parks require this permit to be displayed if parking daily before 4.30pm.

    Permit Type C - this permit is valid on IM Marsh and Tithebarn Street car parks from 4.30pm.

  2. No parking is allowed on double yellow lines or in hatched areas.

  3. Visitor parking spaces are restricted to visitor permit holders only.

  4. No parking is allowed on paved areas or grass verges.

  5. Where marked, parking is restricted to marked bays only.

  6. Disabled parking spaces are restricted to disabled permit holders only.

  7. Failure to comply with any of the above will result in your vehicle receiving a warning notice.  This notice will remain in force for six months from date of issue.

  8. Any further contravention of the parking regulations may result in your right to park on LJMU car parks being withdrawn and possible disciplinary action.

  9. Any vehicle parked in such a manner as to endanger the safety or security of staff, students or premises will be towed away. No warning will be given. Tow fee £80.

Permit holders making use of Liverpool City Council car parks (Mt Pleasant Multi Storey and Fraser Street) will be subject to Council parking and enforcement regulations.

Page last modified by Gaynor Morris on 14 October 2010.
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