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The COP26 summit in November 2021 brings nations together to accelerate action against climate change.

Cop26Academics from LJMU are in attendance at the conference in Glasgow and contributing to the wider debate about the issues raised.

LJMU films on show at COP26

Delegates at COP26 will be shown spectacular films by LJMU, illustrating the impact of fast-rising sea levels on island communities.

The stunning footage created by the Media Production team in the Screen School has already had significant impact on framing the international debate on sea level rise and the UN’s intervention in this policy area.

The footage charts the lives of fishing communities in the Philippines after the 2013 earthquake, which caused a rapid drop in land levels.

"Due to the land subsidence of the 7.2 magnitude earthquake, the islands are adapting to a 100 years of sea-level rise during these King Tides,” explained Chris Chadwick who helped lead on the creative, linear and immersive 360 VR documentaries.

“On the back of the UN playing the films at their World Oceans Day this year, we have been invited to show the films in an immersive exhibition. They only wanted high-impact projects.”

The team’s films portray how life adapted post-earthquake to the new watery world and are thought to contain lessons for global adaptation to higher sea levels in the future.

The research has helped shape the views of coastal planners and engineers about climate adaptation, including solutions such as homes on stilts, raised roads and eco-mangroves to keep salt water at bay.


Hopes for the conference

What should we expect from COP26 and will it lead to the scale of change we need to tackle the climate emergency?

They are some of the questions asked in the latest episode of 1823 Podcast, as we preview COP26.

Check it out to hear the conversation between Dr Tim Lane, Dr Celine Germond-Duret and LJMU student, Emma Wood.

LJMU is an official partner in the COP26 Universities Network.