Healthy living

A healthy lifestyle contributes positively to sustainability

You might not immediately see the connection between healthy living and sustainability but here are some reasons why the two are linked:

  • The better we eat the more likely it is that we are opting to buy local produce (because local food usually tastes better and is fresher). This means we are supporting our local economy and not relying on (and paying for) food which requires petrochemicals and fuel for cargo journeys.
  • Healthier eating means there is less chance of developing medical complications. This makes our population a more sustainable one.
  • Healthy eating also makes physical activity easier. The more active we are the more we support and increase the demand for cycling, walking, outdoor green spaces, local allotments, etc.

How we are promoting healthy and sustainable food

Liverpool John Moores University and the Liverpool Student Union have had Fairtrade status since 2006, demonstrating a commitment to sustainable development and to ensuring a fairer deal for marginalised producers around the world. Staff and students can find Fairtrade produce on sale across our campuses and it is used by our catering team when supplying food for meetings and events within the University.

We are committed to the following initiatives:

  • Using only free-range eggs
  • Using fish that is not flagged by the Marine Conservation Society
  • Ensuring livestock produce meets the Red Tractor Assured Standards
  • Bin the Bottle scheme
  • Working to minimise delivery footprints
  • Providing sustainability training for staff

We have developed relationships with Love Food Hate Waste and Liverpool Food People (who are a co-lead of the Knowledge Quarter Sustainability Network along with us).

How we are promoting fitness and exercise

There are a number of different sports clubs available for students to join, see the Liverpool Student Union sport pages. Our Travel page has information about our initiatives such as interest-free cycle loans, bike hire, and free bike storage, so you can find ways to incorporate activity into your commute.

What you can do to be more active in your daily life:

  • Take the stairs instead of using the lift/escalator
  • Exercise while you watch television, if you have an exercise bike or treadmill put it in front of the TV
  • If you or your friends have a Wii or Kinect, make the most of active gaming
  • Go on a super-clean – you can burn around 480 calories in a two-hour cleaning session
  • Use a pedometer – it has been proven that when using a pedometer or ped app people walk an extra mile each day
  • Take up gardening or offer to help out in an allotment or urban growing project, you can burn around 300 calories working on a garden
  • If you’ve had a particularly stressful day, going for a walk is one of the most effective remedies for decompressing and it keeps you active as well

How we are promoting wellbeing

Research shows that a healthy diet, increased activity levels and exposure to the outdoors is essential to our overall emotional wellbeing and mental health. Living a bit more sustainably tends to encourage these aspects, promoting individual happiness and success. Why not give it a try by doing one thing more sustainably for one month, for example, walk to work instead of driving, and see if you can feel the difference.

We offer wellbeing support within the Student Advice and Wellbeing team. In addition Liverpool Student Union offers a range of services for students.

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