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What is water conservation and why is it important?

Although most of the earth is covered in water, only 3% of this is freshwater and only 1% is fit for human consumption. As the world's population increases and more countries become industrialised, we continue to consume drinking water faster than the natural water cycle takes to refill our lakes, rivers and reservoirs. The increasing effect of climate change is already making treated freshwater a finite resource in some parts of the developed world and continues to impact on UK water reserves. Continued access to supplies that are fit for human consumption require investment in water-saving measures and efficient resource management. There is also a substantial carbon footprint associated with the supply of water and treatment of waste water.

How we manage our water usage

  • All supplies of mains drinking water to LJMU buildings are metered and monitored for excessive/unusual consumption
  • We have installed hot water dispenser taps in new refurbishments and at student social zones across the campus
  • A recent project at the Byrom Street campus incorporates a rainwater harvesting system which provides grey water to assist with WC flushing
  • All water distribution system pipework and fittings comply with The Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999 which specifically require the installation of water efficient taps and outlets
  • LJMU reports annual overall water consumption to HEFCE as part of the annual EMR process

Cold water dispensers

We promote and support the installation of free-to-use chilled and ambient water dispensers so students, visitors and staff have the opportunity to exercise personal choice in selecting how they wish to obtain supplies of wholesome drinking water while in University buildings. Choosing to re-fill drinking water bottles from these facilities helps to:

  • reduce the amount of single use 500ml/1 litre waste plastic water bottles generated
  • reduce our scope 3 carbon emissions
  • save users of these facilities money
  • improve water sanitation around the world, since donations made by our chilled/ambient water dispensing partner Waterflo Ltd. to Just a Drop, supports communities with access to sustainable safe water solutions and improved sanitation

Would you like to help shape our water saving initiatives or do you have any suggestions or comments? Please get in touch with us.

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