Image of the IM Marsh campus

IM Marsh consultation

As part of the university’s Estates Masterplan, we are moving staff and students from the IM Marsh Campus into fantastic new facilities in the city centre.

We are making this major investment in our new developments in the city to provide the very best environment for teaching, learning and research and to deliver an outstanding student experience.

We will leave IM Marsh in July 2021 and relocate to our new development at Copperas Hill and the new School of Education Building.

The site will be redeveloped and LJMU is committed to leaving a positive legacy in the local community.

As part of this process, we want to hear from local residents and stakeholders about how we develop an appropriate scheme for the IM Marsh site.

Once a planning application is submitted to Liverpool City Council, there will then be a formal consultation as part of the usual planning process.

However, we want to give you an opportunity to share your thoughts before then. We are in the process of preparing a planning application for new housing and public open space at the site and want to hear your views on the draft proposals.

Please take a look at the information provided and share your thoughts by Tuesday 15 June 2021.

Have your say

Your views on the masterplan are important to us and we value your contribution. You can view the consultation boards which provide the full detail of the proposals.

There are two ways you can comment on the proposals before the consultation closes on Tuesday 15 June 2021:

  1. Fill in the feedback form and submit to us directly it online
  2. Download the feedback form and email it to with your comments

Frequently asked questions

When will the university leave the site and what will happen to LJMU’s staff, students and facilities?

LJMU is preparing to vacate IM Marsh in the summer of 2021. We are relocating staff, students and facilities to our new developments in the city centre.

Why is the university moving?

We are relocating staff, students and facilities into our city centre campuses in order to provide the very best environment for teaching, learning and research and to deliver an outstanding student experience.

This is part of our Estates Masterplan and strategy to become a predominantly city centre-based university.

What are the university's future aspirations for the site?

LJMU has had a longstanding connection with IM Marsh and its local community and appreciates its history and importance in the local area. The university does not wish to sell the site without being able to influence its development and leave a longstanding legacy.

The university wishes to see a sensitive, residential-led development that helps to meet the needs for more high quality housing in Liverpool. We are also committed to ensuring there is accessible and connected public spaces that can be used in the future by the community.

Why are you consulting?

LJMU is committed to engaging with residents and local stakeholders. We want to give people every opportunity to share their views on the proposals for the future of the site. We appreciate that by working with local people we can help to deliver a scheme which is right for the community.

What is being proposed?

An outline planning application is being prepared for the development of approximately 200 new homes as well as circa 2 hectares of new publicly-accessible open space at the centre of the site. This will offer new opportunities for leisure and recreation for residents. We believe this is in keeping with the predominantly residential nature of the area.

This would be complemented by a new sustainable pedestrian and cycle route through the site connecting North and South Sudley Road as well as north and south of the site.

In addition, planning permission and listed building consent will be sought for the sensitive conversion of the Grade II Listed Holmefield House to the south-east of the site back to its original residential use.

What types of properties are being proposed?

A range of new homes are proposed, including detached, semi-detached, terrace, mews, and apartments. The dwellings would be of various sizes to cater for different needs in the community, with dwellings between 1-4 bedrooms.

A breakdown of the types of dwellings proposed at the site (including those in Holmefield House) by percentage splits is as follows:

Detached – 18%
Semi-detached - 18%
Terraces - 27%
Mews - 5%
Apartments - 32%

Why do we need new homes?

Nationally, there is a shortage in the number of homes required to meet housing needs. This, in turn, pushes up house prices and makes home ownership unaffordable for many.

The proposed development on the IM Marsh site would contribute high quality new housing to help meet the need for family properties and homes for first time buyers in Liverpool. The development will support the aim of helping local people onto the property ladder.

Will the open space be open to all?

Yes. The proposed open space extends to approximately 2 hectares, will be publicly accessible and will be open to new and existing residents within the surrounding area. New footpaths and cycle paths are proposed throughout the site to provide access and recreation.

What about the impact on the local highway network?

We understand that the potential impact of the proposals on the local road network is a key concern. The emerging masterplan is designed to provide a healthy neighbourhood by prioritising pedestrian and cycle movement with new routes through the site improving connections with the wider area. Vehicular movement is limited around the site ensuring the masterplan provides a safe and enjoyable place to walk and cycle around.

The existing access and egress from the site is maintained with two further new access points.

Following extensive consultation with Liverpool City Council’s highway department our traffic and transport specialists have measured the traffic levels that will be generated by the proposed development; there will not be any significant traffic-related issues caused by the proposals.

Car parking provision has been carefully considered by transport and highway specialists to ensure the site will provide enough car parking spaces for all new residents without any overspill into the surrounding road network.

What will happen to the existing parking permit scheme?

We would welcome feedback from the local community on the existing residents’ car parking scheme and whether any changes should be considered.

What will happen to the sport pitches at the site?

Plans are being developed by LJMU, Liverpool City Council, Sports England and the national governing bodies for football, rugby and hockey to deliver new sports facilities and investment for the benefit of the city. This will offset the loss of playing pitches at IM Marsh and would include new investment in existing off-site facilities and finding appropriate sites to provide new pitches within the wider neighbourhood.

Will any trees be cut down?

The site is covered by a Tree Protection Order and the central open space and existing landscape features will be retained, which means the number of trees removed will be minimal. The proposals seek to maintain and enhance the ecological value of the site, increasing the biodiversity of the area.

What is the project timeline?

Following the end of the public consultation on 15 June 2021, we will take into consideration the comments received and look to incorporate them into the scheme design where practicable. Subject to the comments received, it is anticipated that a planning application will then be submitted later in 2021.