Thinking Out Loud Public Seminar Series

Prof Joe Moran leads seminar on 'Shyness, Writing and the Everyday'

Bloom Building, Birkenhead Industrial Park, 3 Abbey Close, Birkenhead. CH41 5FQ

17:30 - 20:00

<p>Prof Joe Moran research has focused on the everyday &ndash; the history of mundane phenomena such as queuing, motorways or watching television that we mostly fail to notice or take for granted. More recently&nbsp;he has&nbsp;written on shyness, a chronic and common condition.&nbsp;His&nbsp;latest book, <em>First You Write a Sentence</em>, is a &lsquo;style guide by stealth&rsquo;, a celebration of how good writing can help us to notice the world and live more meaningful lives. This talk will bring together these interests&nbsp;as links are explored between shyness, writing and observing the everyday.</p>

For more details please contact Cassie Ogden: c.a.ogden@ljmu.ac.uk