De-mystifying Data Management

De-mystifying Data Management

Exchange Station Room G15, Ground Floor view map & directions

13:30 - 15:30

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As well as being good practice, effective data management is an essential part of Research Council and other funder requirements. It is also a key component of Open Access and a Data Management Plan (DMP) is necessary for some publishers. 

During this session we will discuss the open data movement as well as looking at why data management is important. We will briefly examine best practice in data management, looking particularly at data descriptors and metadata. We will cover varying funder requirements and how best to answer the questions they ask. We will spend some time exploring DMPonline, the data management tool created by the DCC. We will also look at some example plans, discuss how to get a DOI and highlight the data storage options available to you at LJMU.

Learn from a Data Management expert so that you can get data management right from the start! 

For further information, please contact:  Mel Jones - M.Jones1@ljmu.ac.uk or Maria Follett - M.L.Follett@ljmu.ac.uk