City Social: Sweeney Todd

This event has already taken place.

JMSU Social Zone

6:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Join other students and your SO Team to see Sweeny Todd in the Liverpool Everyman!
We will be meeting at the John Foster Social Zone at 6:30 for tea and biscuits, and then heading to the theatre together.
For more information, read below:

He never forgets and never forgives
England is choking. Its landscape is blackened. This is the rotten core of the decaying nineteenth century.

As the rich sit back, the workers are left to forage for society’s scraps. But in the big city – the unconcealed pinnacle of this desperate misery – one man is plotting. From his fearsome barber’s chair, he’s planning the bloodiest, juiciest, most succulent act of revenge ever seen.

The story of Sweeney Todd’s cut-throat vengeance – and Mrs Lovett’s curiously toothsome pies – has left a curdling, crimson trail for over 150 years. Now this malevolent tale comes lurching back to life in the masterly musical by Stephen Sondheim and Hugh Wheeler.

Stuffed to the gizzard with mesmerising music and crow-black comedy, this is anarchic theatre at its thrilling best. And of course, we’re baking it to an Everyman recipe – so sit down, tuck in and enjoy the revolutionary taste of a tale with a blood red heart.