ACTivator Researcher Development Workshop - Inside the Ethics Committe

This event has already taken place.

Redmonds Building RB519

10:00 am - 1:00 pm

LJMU requires that all projects undertaken by staff and students using human subjects as participants receive approval from the University Research Ethics Committee (or a NHS REC). This process helps to ensure the safety, dignity and rights of research participants whilst providing assurance that research is being conducted within an ethical framework. In addition, it protects you and the reputation of the university and can significantly improve your research, leading to more rigorous work and impactful outcomes.
Too often though, the ethical approval process is seen as at best a barrier to be overcome, at worst a hindrance to research progress. 
This session gives you the opportunity to act as a research ethics committee.  In small groups, you will discuss and debate the ethical considerations relating to research projects and determine what, if any recommendations you would make to the researchers leading the projects. 
This session is for you if:
 You want to understand how ethical review can improve research
 You would like an insight into the ethical approval process
 You have submitted/are going to submit a project for ethical approval

Key features of the session:
 Discuss and debate real research projects in relation to ethical considerations
 See how your views compare with the findings of the University Research Ethics Committee
 Talk to members of the University Ethics and Governance team/Research Ethics Committee

Please note:  This workshop is not an alternative to the on-line LJMU Research Ethics Training and will not repeat material from it.