LJMU AUA Monthly Network Forum & CPD Award Competition - May

This event has already taken place.

Exchange Station Ground Floor, Room G20/G21 view map & directions

12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

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During each academic year the LJMU AUA Network will host nine 90 minute lunchtime monthly networking forum events, each based on one of the nine AUA Professional Behaviours from the AUA CPD Framework. They will run from September to June, concluding with a tenth session to be held in the annual Professional Services Conference (PSC) in June. Each forum will be held during lunchtime 12pm to 1.30pm to enable any staff to eat their lunch during it if they wish.

The tenth session at the PSC will provide members of the Network (and non-members wanting to engage) the opportunity to review the LJMU AUA Network’s impact over the last year and plan for the next year; contributing to the development of overall AUA strategy and objectives. AUA members will also be given the opportunity to request sessions and development activities on particular areas of interest to them. Members will be encouraged to get involved with the design and delivery of sessions and events to further enhance their CPD.

Three of the sessions will give members the opportunity to win an LJMU AUA CPD Award for development related competitions, voted for by attending members; these awards are endorsed and funded by the AUA North Wales and North West Regional Network. The LJMU AUA Monthly Network Forums dates are:

  • October LJMU AUA Monthly Network Forum: Delivering Excellent Service 09/10/2018 12pm-1.30pm
  • November LJMU AUA Monthly Network Forum:  Developing Self and Others 16/11/2018 12pm-1.30pm (LJMU AUA CPD Award Competition)
  • December LJMU AUA Monthly Network Forum: Engaging with the Wider Context 13/12/2018 12pm-1.30pm
  • January LJMU AUA Monthly Network Forum: Using Resources Effectively 17/01/2019 12pm-1.30pm
  • February LJMU AUA Monthly Network Forum: Achieving Results 14/02/2019 12pm-1.30pm (LJMU AUA CPD Award Competition)
  • March LJMU AUA Monthly Network Forum: Managing Self and Personal Skills 14/03/2019 12pm-1.30pm
  • April LJMU AUA Monthly Network Forum: Embracing Change 09/04/2019 12pm-1.30pm
  • May LJMU AUA Monthly Network Forum: Finding Solutions 14/05/2019 12pm-1.30pm (LJMU AUA CPD Award Competition)
  • June LJMU AUA Monthly Network Forum: Working Together 20/06/2019 12pm-1.30pm

For further information please contact, Michael Monaghan, M.A.Monaghan@ljmu.ac.uk or the LJMU AUA Network webpage.

Contact email: M.A.Monaghan@ljmu.ac.uk