Human Evolution Festival: Meet the Scientists

Human Evolution Festival: Meet the Scientists

World Museum, Liverpool view map & directions

12:00 - 16:00

Spend the afternoon with experts from Liverpool John Moores University and discover the techniques they use to find out about how early humans lived. Learn more about digging up skeletons in Egypt, how forensic anthropologists identify their victims, and get messy making our community cave painting.

Pick up a trail card and collect a sticker for each completed activity. Receive a prize and certificate if you get at least 5 stickers!

Activities include:

  • Hunting for ancient molecules
  • Ice age mammals
  • Community cave painting
  • Sizing up the past
  • Making stones speak
  • Clever neanderthals
  • Dead men tell no tale
  • The code of your eye colour
  • Digging in the desert
  • Finding the body


Target audience: all ages

This is a drop-in event and no registration is required.