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New Principles in Advanced Marketing

Refresh your practice. Respond to change

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Build your awareness of current marketing trends and technologies in this short course designed for experienced marketing professionals.

Marketing challenges and tools continue to evolve at a rapid pace, making it more essential than ever to take time out to reflect on your current practice and refresh your knowledge of the marketing landscape.

This course will help you to develop marketing strategies and campaigns that use the very latest in consumer behaviour insight and take advantage of the technology available to help achieve those all-important results. 

Sessions will be delivered by a blend of academics, marketing practitioners and industry professionals. All academics delivering the sessions are part of the LJMU Digital Marketing and Retailing (DMR) research group, based in Liverpool Business School. This group consists of academics and scholarly informed practitioners with great experience in delivering groundbreaking academic, market research and consultancy projects on the subject areas of digital marketing and retailing.

Course content:

New Marketing Trends: Markets, Values and Innovations.
Discover current marketing trends from both a practitioner and consumer perspective.  Learn how socioeconomic developments have driven markets and innovation.

Internet, Digital and Artificial Intelligence.
Understand the differences between ‘the Internet’ and ‘the digital’ and learn how new technologies and methods relating to this can be implemented within organisations. This will include looking at User Experience (UX), data analytics, SEO, beacons and augmented reality. A focus on Artificial Intelligence will be used to demonstrate advantages and disadvantages of these new tools.

New Business Models.
Explore real business case studies and the range of business models used in industry. Learn about the growth of hybrid business models, the development of new practices such as omni-channels and retail transformation.

Consumers’ Decision Making-Process.
Update your understanding of consumer decision making and learn how you can apply this new knowledge to create marketing strategies that perform well and enhance the consumer experience.  

Driving Markets and Marketing Metrics.
Ensure you are using the most relevant metrics and techniques to measure campaign performance. Learn data analysis techniques to enhance your understanding of your markets and consumer behaviour.

Word-of-mouth and electronic word-of-mouth: how to share things.
Learn how you can encourage electronic word-of-mouth by finding out the type of content consumers share and what makes it go viral, giving you that valuable ‘earned’ media that marketing professionals strive for.  

Course Fee: £595

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