CI Comm Cell Briefing Session

CI Comm Cell Briefing Session

G20/G21 (Ground Floor), Exchange Station, Tithebarn Street view map & directions

12:00 - 12:45

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By the end of this short 45 minute briefing session you will understand what continuous improvement Comm Cells are, why they are important for embedding a continuous improvement (CI) culture, and how to do them with your team. There will be opportunities for discussion and questions.

What is a Comm Cell?

The LDF Team has short 5-15 minute, weekly, continuous improvement (CI) meetings called Comm Cells, to discuss efficiency ideas, proposals and changes. The Comm Cell board captures CI ideas and their progress. The board also displays service and operational information to remove unnecessary team conversations. The board should be in view of the team to act as a constant visual reminder of the Lean continuous improvement approach they are incorporating into their daily practice.






LDF CI Comm Cell Performance

LDF has had 39 CI ideas accepted through the Comm Cells between August 2019 and January 2020 (six months), with 36 being completed. Each CI idea has meant efficiency savings predominantly for time and energy of the LDF team and relevant LJMU staff. Multiple hours of administration work relating to processes, tasks and procedures, has been saved through adopting this Lean Continuous Improvement approach using the Comm Cells. These efficiencies can all be translated into actual cost savings for LJMU.

The LDF considers the Comm Cells to be the essential component in our teams’ success in adopting a continuous improvement mind-set and for incorporating CI into our daily practice. We strongly encourage all managers and teams to try Comm Cells for themselves. The LDF is available to provide support for this. We can provide you with bespoke support, or you are welcome to attend one of these open sessions.

We would also encourage all LJMU staff to attend the two-hour Continuous Improvement Workshop to learn more about LJMU’s continuous improvement approach and how we are embedding the CI culture within our institution. These sessions are available to book on the Staff Development Calendar or can be developed as a bespoke session for your team or department at request.

Facilitator: Michael Monaghan


0151 904 6112