Exhibition in the Atrium, John Lennon Art and Design building

John Lennon Building

10:00 - 18:00

Through a series of photographs and supporting narratives Shoe and Tell examines the relationships between young people and their identities as they are communicated and expressed through the shoes that they choose to wear.

The Shoe and Tell project created by Dr Naomi Braithwaite in 2017, uses methods grounded in visual ethnography to document experiences of identity for individuals as they transition through transformatory life course stages including being a teenager, becoming a university student and a graduate. 

The exhibition takes visitors on a journey through the three phases of the project: Shoe and Tell: A Celebration of Teenage Identity, The Graduation Shoes Project and The Virtual Shoe Salon.

Curators: Dr Naomi Braithwaite, Dr Lee Wright, Dr Ruth Clifford

With thanks to: Carlos Santos Barea, Kevin McCormack, Martin Gee