Luminary Lecture Series presents: Maddi Nicholson, Artist, Director of Art Gene

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17:00 - 18:00

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Maddi Nicholson is an artist and founder director of Art Gene in Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria. Maddi leads Art Gene, an international Centre for Arts and environment, it's a charity and a research facility and agency engaging, associate artists and architects in collaborative design led regeneration. Art Gene’s research remit extends across a program of projects, residencies, exhibitions, and symposiums focusing on the role and engagement of artists and architects in the regeneration of the social, natural and built environment, across some of the most economically and culturally deprived electoral wards in Europe.

As an Artist Maddi produces challenging work for varied and diverse situations nationwide, video, cast iron and stitched works to huge paintings and inflated and plastic sculptures. Works range from an inflated replica of a Barrow terraced house due for demolition, in ‘Going home from here’ which toured beauty spots in Cumbria, to a set of cast iron enamelled terraced house models, commenting on the lives of 18th and 19th Century women in Spinningfields Manchester in ‘a place lived’.

Her Art Gene art works include, the Roker Pods for Sunderland City Council: spherical mobile eco off grid pods on the beach and the prom, as café, education and events facilities. The Peoples Museum on Piel Island, for Barrow Borough Council; including a cabinet of curiosities, engraved tables, beer maps and the islands of Barrow Map. Seldom Seen Maps and Mobile Apps walking tours for coastal areas of Cumbria and Lancashire. Razzle Dazzle bird hides as education resources with interior artwork interpretation for Cumbria Wildlife Trust. Walney Island Nature reserve, mobile App walking tour and non civic war memorial gate and sculpture for Natural England’s North Walney Island national nature reserve.

Maddi Nicholson: