RCBB Research Seminar Series Talk - Dr Abi Rose (LJMU)

The drivers and impact of alcohol use during pregnancy and motherhood

This event has already taken place.

Tom Reilly Building, room 1.43

13:00 - 14:00

In this RCBB Research Seminar Series talk, Dr Abi Rose (LJMU) will present her current research under the title "The drivers and impact of alcohol use during pregnancy and motherhood".

Abstract: Maternal alcohol use can have significant direct and indirect harms. Yet despite guidelines of abstinence, the UK has one of the highest reported prevalence rates of alcohol exposed pregnancy in the world. Beyond pregnancy, alcohol use in motherhood appears to be rising, and this may increase risk of harm to the mother and adverse childhood experiences. The drivers of maternal drinking are complex, involving individual, environmental, and cultural factors. This talk will provide an overview of maternal alcohol use, before outlining strategies which may support women adhere to alcohol guidelines while challenging the stigma around maternal drinking.

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