Workshop April 6, 2023, in Liverpool, UK at Liverpool John Moores University and online.

This event has already taken place.

Student Life Building

9.30am to 5pm

The multidisciplinary workshop will be held over one day. It will discuss the impact of various climate-related consequences on geopolitics in general, political systems in practice, and political systems in theory at the end of the 21st Century. It will focus on sea-level rise events and extreme weather events, i.e. flooding, heatwaves, droughts, that may cause mass migration events, food (in)security, water (in)security. It will also include the impacts these will have on domestic and international affairs. This workshop is an optimistic endeavour designed to organise and collect our thoughts and approaches to understanding the impact of climate change on the human systems. Our ambition is to stretch the focus of contemporary research on climate change by expanding what the immediate activist-agenda uses when making its charge for action. We aim to use a combination of disciplines, including our imaginations to predict what life will look like at the end of the 21st Century. We will ask attendants to present for five minutes on their climate-related research such as food (in)security, we will then have a session on the various disciplines and tools that can be used for long-term predictive purposes, with a final session discussing how current research findings can be re-purposed to look at mapping-out their possible long-term impacts on political systems and societies. All sessions will be recorded, transcribed, and written up for a group report. We will also be developing a mini podcast series for public consumption based on our discussions.

This workshop will be hosted at Liverpool John Moores University on April 6, 2023. Being mindful of the difficulties involved in travelling we will be operating a hybrid workshop. We do have some funding available for people to come to the event in person and we will ensure that the event will be carbon off-set. For those that are permanent employees at a university, research centre or other workplace we are asking for a £20 attendance fee to help off-set some of the collective food and drink costs. There will be no costs for attending and participating online. We encourage people from the Global South and Early Career Researchers to apply and to people working on these issues outside of academia. There is limited funding available for these people.

If you have any queries on the event, then please contact either Matthew Alan Hill (m.a.hill@ljmu.ac.uk) or Daniel Lindvall (daniel.lindvall@geo.uu.se). If you are interested in participating, please submit a short summary of your interests and experience in examining climate change, alongside an explanation of your interest in exploring the long-term predictive impacts of climate change to Matthew (m.a.hill@ljmu.ac.uk) by Thursday February 16 2023. If you are an ECR, from the Global South or outside of academia then please indicate whether you want some of the limited funding.