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Degree Apprenticeships: briefing lunch for employers

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12.00 - 1.30pm

LJMU will be opening its doors to an extra 200 new employer-supported Degree Apprentices in September 2017, after becoming one of only 18 universities to secure part of a multimillion pound Government fund.  We will expand the range of professionally-accredited qualifications currently on offer to develop qualifications in policing, control engineering, construction management, civil engineering, and electrical and electronic engineering, from September next year.

Degree Apprenticeships are exciting new work-based degrees that give people the opportunity to study at Degree Level while applying their learning to the workplace. Participants will be employed and attend University one day per week. The Degree Apprenticeship includes chartership of a Professional Body, which the University will support the learner to attain. Degrees will take up to 5 years to complete plus the Professional Body status. They are being introduced from September 2017 in a number of engineering, construction and digital areas.

If you are an employer and wish to find out more about Degree Apprenticeships please come along to one of our informative lunch events.

The lunch is guaranteed to last no more than 1 ½ hours and provides the opportunity to explain the Levy, the process of taking on an apprentice and advice from subject specialists.

Employer lunches are available on the following dates:

  • Friday 18 November 2016
  • Thursday 15 December 2016
  • Friday 20 January 2017
  • Wednesday 15 February 2017
  • Friday 17 March 2017
  • Wednesday 12 April 2017
  • Friday 19 May 2017
  • Wednesday 21 June 2017
  • Friday 21 July 2017
  • Wednesday 16 August 2017
  • Friday 22 September 2017
  • Wednesday 18 October 2017
  • Friday 17 November 2017
  • Wednesday 13 December 2017

If none of these dates are suitable, please contact us to arrange a meeting.

To register for a lunch please email stating the date you wish to attend, dietary requirements and if you require a car parking space.

For further information and enquiries please email the Employer Engagement Team

Additional information for employers

Apprenticeship Levy
The Apprenticeship Levy commences in April 2017 and will apply to all organisations based in the UK if their payroll exceeds £3million. Employers will pay a levy on the Levy on their entice bill at a rate of 0.5.  The Levy can be used on a new apprenticeship standard or an existing framework, with an approved training provider such as LJMU. Employer who will not pay the Levy will be supported up to 90% of the cost of the apprenticeship. Further information is available here

Employer benefits
Matching work-based learning alongside studies will assist the learner to apply their learning to the workplace. As the employer you will have a contract in place with the University and the student. You can grow your own workforce and will be able to take on an 18 year old who will learn your culture and values as they develop and become a qualified member of your team. You will be able to use your Levy to support your workforce development. You can support the development of your existing workforce through Degree Apprenticeship  as learners can be any age or at any level in your business and we encourage you to be involved in designing your apprenticeships.

Support from LJMU
We will support employers by providing advice on funding for the learner on behalf of the employer and keep you continually informed of the learner’s progress. LJMU has a long established record of developing people for and with industry. The University will continue this relationship with industry through the Degree Apprenticeships.