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Astrophysics Exchange at Tate Liverpool

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10.00am - 5.45pm

The Astrophysics Exchange at Tate Liverpool provides the opportunity for to you find out how astronomers from LJMU are learning more about the universe.

Most people have looked up into a clear night sky and wondered how we on our single, tiny planet, fit into it all?

Drop into the Astrophysics Exchange at Tate Exchange and find out how astronomers are trying to answer that question.

You might explore the sky: not just at night, but using computer simulations to see what would be overhead during the day, if we could only see it

Or you may get immersed inside one of the most sophisticated models of the Universe ever made, and watch it evolve and change around you.

Or you might see what the world's largest robotic telescope was doing last night. The universe is a place of mystery and wonder, but by chipping away at the mystery, the wonder increases and the whole cosmos is laid out before us.

The Astrophysics Exchange is presented by LJMU's Astrophysics Research Institute, and at some scheduled times astronomers from the Institute will be in Tate Exchange to answer any questions you have about the Universe.

Entry to the Astrophysics Exchange is free and no booking is required.