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Liverpool Film Seminar: Professor John Hill

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The Liverpool Film Seminar is a collaboration between the Departments of Film Studies at LJMU and Communication and Media at the University of Liverpool, running since 2010.

Professor John Hill (Royal Holloway, University of London) will present a talk entitled How to Qualify as British’: UK Film Policy and the Definition of 'Nationality'

Professor HillAbstract

Despite a turn away from the 'national' in much contemporary film analysis, discourses of the 'national' continue to structure the ways in which films are categorised, funded and rendered eligible for state support. By focusing upon the history of British film policy, this paper will consider how legal definitions of a ‘British’ film have informed both economic and cultural policy objectives and facilitated a range of film production. In doing so, the presentation will not only indicate how ‘national’ discourses and practices have continued to structure the economic and cultural dynamics of contemporary 'British’'filmmaking but also, due to the ways in which nationality has been defined, to support - as much as oppose - 'transnational' and globalising trends.

Biography John Hill

John Hill is Professor of Media, Royal Holloway, University of London. Hill is the author of a number of books including Cinema and Northern Ireland: Film, Culture and Politics (2006) and Ken Loach: The Politics of Film and Television (2011) as well as the co-editor of various books and journals including special issues of the Journal of British Cinema and Television on ‘Film in Britain in the New Millennium’ (2012), the Journal of International Cultural Policy on ‘Film Policy in a Globalised Cultural Cultural Economy’ (2016) and the Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television on ‘Forgotten Television Drama’ (2017). He is also a former Director of the UK Film Council and Governor of the British Film Institute.   

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