Derelict glasshouse

Exhibition: Shouldn't Throw Stones - The view of a Night Watchman

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Shouldn't Throw Stones - The view of a Night Watchman, is the culmination of a two-year project undertaken by artist Kevin Casey.

Part documentary photography, part archival re-presentation and part making ends meet, as Casey’s ‘night job’ as an onsite security guard at the former Pilkington Glass Headquarters became his ‘day job’ as an artist, the work presented tells the story of an uncertain future, tense present and captivating past.

The collection, including C-Type prints, archive film, projections and uncovered artefacts also testifies to the situation that Casey found himself in - part voyeur and part guardian - whilst drawing the viewers’ attention to the vicissitudes of contemporary capitalism and its contested relationship to our recent industrial and manufacturing past.

Further to the works on display at Alexandra Park, visitors to the exhibition will have the opportunity to visit selected spaces within the former Pilkington Glass complex, designed by the mid-20th Century Architect, Edwin Maxwell Fry, of Fry and Drew. A short tour will include a visit to the modernist Tower whose Armourclad panels have dominated the skyline of St Helen’s since the complexes' construction in the late 1950s.

Avinash Chandra’s back-lit, abstract relief panel of stained, fused glass and Jon Humphrey Spender’s artwork can also be viewed, as well as the panelled lift lobby, former canteen and elements of the landscaped grounds, including the north lake and concrete bridge.

As much of the site is not normally publicly accessible, the exhibition and short tour provides a rare opportunity to view a Modernist landmark and exhibited materials that possess a deep local and global significance.

Dr Joanne Hudson, Senior Lecturer in Architecture at LJMU, will be collaborating with lead artist Kevin Casey in curating the design of the exhibition space, organising exhibition tours and tour guides and will be contributing written work in response to the site and project.