Image of interior Royal Court Theatre

Institute for Health Research Conference

Royal Court, Liverpool

9.00am - 3.30pm

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The conference provides an overview of the multidisciplinary health research that we undertake in the Institute for Health research at LJMU.

By collaborating with our partners in NHS Trusts, health agencies and the commercial sector, we are able to provide real-world solutions to 21st century healthcare problems. The presentations available throughout the day will showcase the ways in which LJMU researchers are providing the evidence to better understand and change health behaviours, prevent illness, support long term care and develop the technologies that aid the diagnosis and treatment of disease. 

In addition to LJMU research presentations, external  speakers include:

  • Professor Attilio Lotto, (joint LJMU and Alder hey appointment)
  • Rafael Guerrero  (Alder Hey Innovation Centre) 
  • Dr Joe Mills (Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital)
  • Paul Nolan (Merseyforest)

A poster session will be held over lunchtime and selected authors will be invited to present a brief snapshot of their poster within the main programme.

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