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Liverpool Centre for Advanced Policing Studies

About the Liverpool Centre for Advanced Policing Studies

Policing, crime prevention and allied security professions

The Liverpool Centre for Advanced Policing Studies (LCAPS) has a wealth of professional, practical and academic experience. LCAPS uses this experience to conduct research and provide training within the fields of policing, crime prevention and allied security professions.

The Liverpool Centre for Advanced Policing Studies brings together research-active staff from across the University. 

The Liverpool Centre for Advanced Policing Studies also carries out work within the following research areas: terrorist studies, counter terrorism, child protection, child sexual exploitation, hate crime, crime prevention and reduction and human trafficking.


LCAPS' interdisciplinary learning portfolio equips students and practitioners with the skills they need to respond to the complex demands of contemporary policing.

The Liverpool Centre for Advanced Policing Studies' portfolio of taught degrees is wide ranging and offers one of the most comprehensive portfolios of academic policing programmes. 

Sir Jon Murphy, the former Chief Constable of Merseyside Police, joined the the Liverpool Centre for Advanced Policing Studies in 2016. Sir Jon has assisted in the development and delivery of our academic framework. Speaking about the Centre, Sir Murphy said: "The Centre is enormously important and has the right combination of evidence-based practice, academic rigour and research innovation to drive policing studies to the highest standards not only here in the UK but across the world."

The staff are highly experienced lecturers the majority of whom have experience of many disciplines with the world of policing, security and criminal justice.

Steve Finnigan, the former Chief Constable of Lancashire Constabulary, has recently developed a new Masters Programme in Policing and Law Enforcement Leadership. Steve said “With a tight focus on leadership, our students will be exposed to the challenges of police and law enforcement leadership in a changing and increasingly complex environment. Students will examine the pressures brought on decision makers today from political, economic and social influences, both here in the UK and abroad.”


Academics from Liverpool John Moores University have had longstanding relationships with key organisations, such as Merseyside Police. Over recent years the Centre has also developed partnerships with Merseyside Community Safety Partnership, the Police Commissioner for Merseyside, College of Policing, the Royal Military Police and the International Cricket Council.

LCAPS' partners not only help to inform its governance, but their resources, knowledge and skillset also enable the development of cutting-edge research and training.

A Police Knowledge Fund, supported programme was undertaken with four partners – Merseyside Police, Merseyside Community Safety Partnership, the Police Commissioner for Merseyside and the College of Policing.

The Liverpool Centre for Advanced Policing Studies continues to work in partnership with organisations to ensure we are responsive to the sector’s changing regional, national and international strategic priorities.  

Our work

The Centre’s staff have contributed to the development of Quality Assurance Agency Benchmark Statements for policing and the College of Policing’s Recognised Prior Experiential Framework. This work involved collaboration with the Higher Education Forum and the College of Policing. The results of these projects are assisting the shaping of the future of both UK policing and policing education. You can find more information about our work on our Projects and our Expertise page.

It's important that we not only tackle criminality through enforcement, but also work with partners to look at the changing demands of a modern day police force and improve our knowledge, skills and problem-solving approaches.

Chief Constable of Merseyside Police -
Sir Jon Murphy QPM