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Our School was ranked 33rd in the UK for research outputs in the Research Excellence Framework 2014. 

The Art and Design Research Centre includes research groups from within Liverpool School of Art and Design. The groups have developed around the research activity of key academics with collaborative links across the city and beyond.

The research activity undertaken by groups within the Centre is wide ranging and focuses on a variety of areas, including: exhibition research, the uses of art within museums, archaeological investigation, forensic identification, human-digital interfaces and public health.

Although activity within the School is varied, researchers from the Art and Design Research Centre all use their contemporary art practice to contribute to the cultural vibrancy of Liverpool. Practice-led research within the Centre enables researchers to articulate an understanding of their own practice and research imperatives. Practice-led research also enables researchers to engage in discussions about the significance and on-going viability of individuated and supposedly autonomous practice.

The Centre also encourages researchers to explore questions that have direct relevance to both our lives and those of our broader community. Enhancing the visibility of research and using research for recruitment and further collaboration is another key focus for the Art and Design Research Centre.


Liverpool School of Art and Design's expertise focuses around these central themes:

  • Contemporary art practice
  • 3D digital art and applications in the real world
  • The uses of art and enrichment of society
  • Design in society

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