Support for newly qualified teachers

Support as you start your teaching career

We offer continued support and the opportunity for further training to help you meet the challenges you will face.

Our support begins with the provision of the LJMU Transition document that your ITT tutor will complete with you at the end of your training programme. This document has been designed in collaboration with schools to inform your new employer and your induction tutor about how you have met the professional standards for teaching, your strengths, and identified areas for development during your induction period.

Moving on to your MA award

The Educational Practice (MA) has been developed to provide an enhanced professional development pathway for Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs). It is closely linked to the challenges of the induction year and perfectly suited to enable our PGDE graduates to gain a full MA award soon after entry to the profession. The programme also provides an opportunity for teachers with a PGCE award to gain the MA in two years. Graduates from this programme are taking on leadership roles in their schools and becoming pioneers in leading evidence-based research projects early on in their teaching careers.

NQT support programme

We keep in regular contact with our teacher training graduates and offer professional development opportunities to complement those provided through schools, local authorities, teaching school alliances or academy trusts. These include NQT networking fora and events, twilight workshops tailored to address the needs of NQTs and supportive visits to individuals in local schools.