“Even today the most jaded city dweller can be unexpectedly moved upon encountering a clear night sky studded with thousands of twinkling stars.”

- Carl Sagan

Great thinkers, poets and artists have all been inspired by the night sky. Astronomy and astrophysics takes the fascination with the stars to the next level. If you are ready to turn your interest into a full-time endeavour, LJMU offers an absorbing and rewarding learning programme.

Because we offer a joint degree programme in both BSc and MPhys with the University of Liverpool – you’ll benefit from the expertise and facilities of two institutions that are highly regarded nationally and internationally. And with a student satisfaction rate of 100% at masters level and 98% at undergraduate level, our degrees come highly recommended.

In your final year you can take part in a field trip to the world’s largest fully robotic telescope. Although named The Liverpool Telescope, it’s actually located on La Palma in the Canary Islands, so remember to bring your sunscreen.

Interested in our distance learning courses?

Founded on over 15 years of experience delivering distance learning courses to astronomy students around the world, the University offers you a suite of courses written and supported by professional astronomers.

Delivered by a combination of online material and video lectures, the courses don’t require you to attend any classes on campus, so you can study from the comfort of your own home. Find out what astrophysics courses you can study by distance learning.

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  1. MPhys

    Full time


    UCAS code F521 Points required 136