Department of Applied Mathematics

Careers support and advice

The Department of Applied Mathematics will equip you with the skills you need to succeed in today's jobs market

Our practical, careers-focused courses will equip you with the mathematical and statistical knowledge you need to impress your future employer.

When you graduate, you’ll be able to model, solve and analyse real-world problems using the quantitative techniques major organisations use. This knowledge, combined with the confidence you will have gained within your field, should give you the edge within today’s competitive jobs market.

Possible careers

Students from the Department of Applied Mathematics have gone on to achieve fantastic careers with some of the world’s most prestigious organisations, including GE Captial and Ernst and Young.

There are numerous careers you could secure with a good mathematics degree. Here are just some potential career options you may wish to pursue: 

  • IT infrastructure auditor
  • Interactive TV developer
  • Trainee accountant
  • Marketing analyst
  • Insurance broker
  • Actuary
  • Statistician
  • Auditor
  • Investment banker
  • Maths teacher
  • Quantitative analyst

Remember: If you come to study at Liverpool John Moores University, make the most of the careers support available to you.

How we'll help you achieve your dream career

When you study with us you'll gain the skills employers will be looking for. You'll also graduate with experience and confidence within your chosen field. This combination will help you achieve your potential within the world of work.

You'll work for a year in industry

Graduating with experience within the field you’d like to work in could drastically improve your career prospects. That’s why all of our students undertake a one-year placement as part of their course. Students work for fantastic employers, including Lloyds TSB, Corus and Unilever. 

You'll benefit from our practical, careers-focused courses

To ensure you have the skills you need when you graduate, you will study practical modules as part of your mathematics course. These modules will give you a solid understanding of how mathematics, statistics and IT solutions are applied in industry, business and research organisations.

Then, in your final year, you’ll have the chance to complete your own research project. Recent project titles include: 'Search engine optimisation and analysis of Google’s SERP Rank and Page Rank algorithms', 'Predicting injury occurrence in professional football players' and 'Prognostic model for post-operative cancer patients'

You'll have the opportunity to network with leading organisations

Our Department has close ties with major organisations, such as Unilever, MBNA Bank and HM Treasury. These links help inform our programmes and could provide useful contacts for you as a student.  

You'll be able to take part in the Maths Student Conference

The Maths Students Conference is an opportunity for you to gain presentation experience. Students are asked to present their final year maths project at the event and there is a prize for the best talk. 

We'll have access to career-enhancing events

The Department organises a varied programme of events, from company talks to events with student reps. We also host the Employment Careers Fair, which is attended by PhD research students and early career researchers from across the UK.

We can help you start your own business

The Centre for Entrepreneurship has been helping students and alumni get their business ideas off the ground since 2003. The Centre can help you with funding, networking, as well as business, legal and financial advice. Find out more about the type of support on offer at the Centre for Entrepreneurship.

Choosing to study this course will lay the foundations for you to gain an excellent degree, meet amazing people and build a successful career. My experience of this degree and my time at the University has been a positive one that I can confidently say has prepared me for the next stage in my career.

Elliot Murphey -
BSc (Hons) Mathematics