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We provide innovative reasearch with real-world applications

Researchers from the Department of Applied Mathematics specialise in machine learning, mathematical biology and data science.

Within these key areas members from the Department undertake research with real-world applications. In the latest research assessment (Research Excellence Framework 2014), for example, we submitted to the Unit of Assessment 11, Computer Science and Informatics. 80% of our research impact within this unit was rated as being at international level.

As part of this work, our leading academics publish in peer-reviewed journals and speak at conferences around the world. Members from the Department of Applied Mathematics are also actively engaged with funding bodies, including the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (IMA).

Currently, the Department is working with the European Commission’s Health, Demographic Change and Wellbeing advisory group. This group is part of the Horizon 2020 programme and is one of the largest coordinated funding programmes for health in the world. Allan Leschner, publisher of Science, was at the Copenhagen launch in 2012 and called the project “the most ambitious research programme ever seen on the planet”.

In addition to this, the Department works closely with businesses and organisations, members having previously worked with organisations such as the Whiston NHS Trust, Public Health England, Prozone Performance Lab and the Football Exchange.

In the future, we will continue to develop original methodology in machine learning and enhance this with new capability in mathematical biology. This will be achieved through new staff appointments. Recently, we appointed an expert within mathematical biology, Dr Steven Webb, as a reader. We have also appointed Dr Sotirios Tasoulis, who has an excellent track record in machine learning. Each new member of staff will enhance the Department’s research within these key specialist areas.

As part of our future plans, we will also continue to lead on sports analytics research at the Football Exchange. Tesco and a premiership football club have provided PhD funding for us to continue this work.


  • Bioinformatics data
  • Clinical diagnosis and prognosis
  • Databases in public health
  • Shopping basket analysis for digital marketing
  • Football match analysis
  • Mathematical biology

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