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Our facilities

Department of Civil Engineering

Facilities within the Department

Our facilities provide a stimulating learning and work environment

The facilities at the Department of Civil Engineering provide the tools you need to succeed in your field, whether you’re an undergraduate student or a leading academic.

Our facilities

Engineering laboratories and workshops

We provide our students with the best possible laboratory experience to ensure that we produce highly-employable engineering graduates. The labs contain equipment for making and testing concrete, testing large and small structures, as well as flow channels and pipes for assessing different types of water flow. We also have a hydraulic ram, standard geotechnical testing equipment and a range of training equipment that help students to gain an understanding of structural analysis and materials.

Industrial chemistry lab

The Department of Civil Engineering has an industrial chemistry lab, which PhD students use to conduct a variety of experiments, such as: an electrocoagulation project for pollutants removal from water, an experimental rig for catastrophic failure of tanks, anerobic digestion pilot plants using novel microwave energy. Analytical analysis of construction materials using EDXRF, XRD and SEM are also available for PhD students and for other projects within the Department.

IT Facilities 

Our IT facilities provide access to CAD (Computer Aided Drawing) using both Revit and AutoCad. The Department of Civil Engineering also has structural design software. Other computer design packages are also in use, including finite element software and computational fluid dynamics. 

Pavement Laboratory

The Department of Civil Engineering has a pavement laboratory, which is suitable for conducting experiments relating to hot mix asphalt and cold mix asphalt. Our pavement laboratory is equipped with universal testing machine, a wheel tracking machine and four point bending apparatus. Typically this facility is used by PhD students.