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Department of Computer Science

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The Department of Computer Science has exceptional facilities

You’ll be able to pursue your subject of interest using the Department of Computer Science’s impressive collection of high-spec facilities.

Our facilities

Games labs

The games development room contains facilities for generating games, including games for mobile devices and the latest generation consoles. Equipment includes: PS4 dev. kits, PS Vita dev. kits, Xbox 360 dev. facilities and Oculus Rift development kits (DK2). Our Department is also licensed PS4 developers and have Unity and Unreal licenses. The console lab is equipped with the latest generation consoles for testing, evaluation and project work.

James Parsons and Henry Cotton Buildings

The Department of Computer Science is housed within the James Parsons building. Within this building, our Department has nine teaching labs containing: 400 PCs, three research labs, one postgraduate room, a console lab and a software development lab containing iMacs. Within the Henry Cotton building we also have two computing laboratories.

Forensics lab

Our forensics lab contains specialist software and hardware, such as Forensic Tool Kit (FTK) and Encase software. This equipment is used within many police forces.

As an Academic Training Partner of Visual Paradigm, Liverpool John Moores University is granted the use of Visual Paradigm for UML modeling, business process modeling, database design, etc.