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Department of Maritime and Mechanical Engineering

Career support from the Department

What career will you pursue?

Ensuring you graduate with the skills and experience you need to impress employers is one of our Department’s key priorities.  In this section you’ll find out how we’ll nurture your talent and prepare you for the world of work. You can also learn more about the type of careers you could pursue in the future.

Possible careers

Our graduates have gone on to secure positions with prestigious companies, including: Aston Martin, Sellafield, Wood Group, Bentley, NIS, CERN, Ministry of Defence and Jaguar Land Rover.

To give you an idea about the type of career you could pursue once you have graduated from the Department of Maritime and Mechanical Engineering, here are a few job titles your degree could help you achieve: 

  • Design engineer
  • Rail engineering technician
  • Mechanical engineer
  • Trainee shipbroker
  • Engineering manager
  • Trainee maritime lawyer
  • Aerospace engineer
  • Marine engineer

How we'll help achieve your dream career

Here are a few ways we'll help you secure a fantastic role.

We'll organise exciting placements for you

Graduating with experience within the industry you’d like to work in will help give you the edge when you apply for positions in today’s competitive jobs market. This is why we will help you find opportunities within organisations that will give you valuable industry experience. Previously, our students have held placements with companies such as IBM, ARM Holdings and National Grid.

Your course will have been developed alongside employers

Our courses have been developed with national and international employers. This means you’ll gain the skills that organisations are looking for while studying your course. 

We'll organise educational field trips

We organise field trips throughout the year to places like the Blue Peris Mountain Centre. We also visit the Centre for Alternative Technology, where students have the opportunity to meet tutors and take part in various teambuilding activities.

We'll organise projects that will help you gain industry skills

We’ll give you opportunities to gain industry skills. For example, you could join our LJMU Racing Team, who design, build and race a small scale formula car. Students who take part in this  initiative gain exceptional skills, from learning how to design and manufacture your own car parts to learning how to market your team car. Students also travel internationally to race and make lots of fantastic contacts.

In addition to the LJMU Racing Team, all of our Masters of Engineering students and our Transport and Logistics students undertake industry based projects. Some of our Transport and Logistics students, for example, recently carried out studies for Tesco and Mersey Travel. This work provided new insights into current business issues for both organisations.

We'll organise career-enhancing events

Not only do we organise faculty-specific employers and careers days throughout the academic year, we also organise an Annual Product Design Show, which enables all our Product Design students to exhibit their work. As part of this projects our students develop their teamwork skills and learn how to communicate with internal and external audiences.

We'll encourage you to enter career-enhancing competitions

In 2015, two Mechanical Engineering students, Huw Davies-Cooke and Jamie Bowers, won the National Design Challenge Competition. As a Department, we’ll encourage you to enter similar career-enhancing competitions too.

Speaking about the competition, Huw said: "We had a fantastic time and will definitely be recommending that any first year mechanical engineers do the competition in the future. The competition allows you to apply what you have learnt in the classroom to a practical problem."

We can help you start your own business

The Centre for Entrepreneurship has been helping students and alumni get their business ideas off the ground since 2003. The Centre can help you with funding, networking, as well as business, legal and financial advice. Find out more about the type of support on offer at the Centre for Entrepreneurship.