Pilot Training

Duration: Two day

Prerequisites: Existing marine pilots or those who have been referred to on this course by appropriate harbour authorities

Teaching: Theory sessions supplemented by practical ship-handling exercises on a full-mission simulator.

Course description: 

This course is tailor-made for existing pilots or seafarers upskilling to become pilots by providing them suitable ship-handling practice based on the following topic areas:

Proposed syllabus:

  • Position of the pivot point
  • Types, effects and limitations of rudders
  • Effects of propulsion
  • Effects, limitations and use of bow and stern thrusters
  • Interpreting information contained in vessels’ manoeuvring booklets/diagrams
  • Operation of helm, engines and bow thrusters to execute manoeuvres
  • Theory and effects of interaction between ship, bottom, banks and other vessels and tugs
  • Effects of wind and current
  • Effects, limitations and use of tugs

The course can be tailored to suit candidate needs or by adding specific company requirements. Upon successful completion, all candidates will be issued with a course completion certificate.

For more information or to register for this course, please get in touch with us.