Image of flames against a black background

Training in Advanced Fire Fighting (STCW A-VI/3)

Duration: Four days


  1. An existing Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting (or equivalent) or its Updating Certificate
  2. ENG1 medical certificate, or equivalent, as an indicator of fitness and/or an assessment for fitness carried out by LJMU

Accreditation/Approvals: MCA as per the STCW Code section SCTW A-VI/3

Overviews: This course develops candidates’ firefighting skills gained in FP&FF course and experience of working on-board ships. It is a mandatory certificate for obtaining CoC as deck or engineer officers. The training is split between theory and practical sessions as detailed in the MNTB course standard. Practical sessions are carried out in the fire ground, hence physical fitness is mandatory.

The training covers specific procedures for fighting fires on-board ships with particular emphasis on control of fire parties, communication with shore based organisations and other areas from ‘command perspective’.

Registration for this course is not yet open. Check back soon for updates.