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Accident Investigation

Overview: In an era of high technology and advanced training, on board ships accidents still occur. The primary aim of Accident Investigation is to establish the causal factors of a particular incident. In determining the causal factors, recommendations can be made to improve safety of life at sea, improve environmental protection and prevent further recurrence of such an incident.

Simulation is a highly effective tool in reconstructing and analysing incidents, which could be both difficult and time consuming to solve through conventional investigation techniques. This method enables the incident to be reconstructed in a real time simulated environment. During the investigation all aspects of the incident can be thoroughly examined. These will include such areas as equipment failures, human error, vessel characteristics, vessel procedures and environmental conditions.

The resulting simulation simplifies the method and way of investigation and analysis. It provides clear simulated results and analysis reports with both printer output and data output allowing full debrief facilities. Time and cost for the normal investigation of incidents is saved.

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