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Corporate Team Building

Duration: Half, one, or two days

Prerequisites: None

Assessment: Assessment reports can be provided at client’s request.

Teaching: Brief theory sessions underpinning the practical team building exercises conducted in full mission bridge simulators.

Accreditation/Approval: LJMU

Overview: LJMU Maritime Centre (LMC) offers bespoke Management and team building training designed for SME's and larger companies and varies in duration from one to two days, depending upon specific client requirements. The one day training is delivered at a basic level whereas the two day event is enhanced through a balanced programme of theory sessions in Team Building and a set of advanced practical exercises. Bespoke packages can be configured for clients over shorter or longer time frames.

The LMC’s management and team building training utilises its Ship handling Simulators as a number of organisations have used aircraft simulators and other outdoor activities for team building purposes. LMC can offer a course that is far more demanding and exciting because it allows the whole group to interact and work together as they navigate a ship in different conditions but in a completely safe environment.

The Centre boasts an advanced 360 degree Full Mission Bridge simulator along with 2 part bridge simulators. Using this state-of-the-art system, delegates, working as a team, have to develop a plan by plotting a set of courses and following a set of rules. The fundamental need to share the numerous tasks required to safely navigate the vessel following the plan develops and refines team working skills. No prior maritime knowledge is expected or needed of delegates, as all necessary instruction will be given in the briefing sessions.

Additional complications are introduced to the exercises by incorporating equipment failures or navigational situations where, unless team works together, reaching the destination becomes impossible.  In essence, the teams must work together and communicate while facing the task at hand i.e. navigate their ships safely into port.

The courses are made more effective by giving the teams a briefing session before they start so that they are taught the basic navigational skills and use Standard Operating procedures when performing an exercise. Following these procedures and using their new found skills, teams have to agree a share of the workload to achieve the navigation safely for a given set of circumstances. 

Any combination of scenarios can be configured in the system in real time to really test the teams’ ability to work together and solve problems. Sea and weather conditions can be varied as appropriate. All practical exercises are fully debriefed to ensure that the teams learn through their experiences.

This course is offered on demand, please email for more information.