Close up shot of a first aid kit against a white background

Proficiency in Medical Care (Refresher) (STCW A-VI/4-2)

Duration: Three days


  1. Hold a Proficiency in Medical Care On-Board Ship certificate or its updating training (STCW A-VI/4-2)
  2. ENG1 medical certificate, or equivalent, as an indicator of fitness or an assessment for fitness carried out by LJMU

Accreditation/Approval: MCA as per the STCW Code section STCW A-VI/4-2

Overview: This course is designed to cover the requirements given in Article 4(1)(b) of the Directive ‘92/29 EEC: Service as Master or the person in charge of medical care on UK-registered vessels’. In order to apply this article, the MCA requires that the Master and the person designated to take charge of medical care and medicines on-board to hold an MCA-approved Proficiency in Medical Care (MC) (STCW A-VI/4 paragraph 4-6) certificate or an MCA-approved Updated Proficiency in Medical Care certificate, issued within the preceding five years.

Registration for this course is not yet open. Check back soon for updates.