Life buoy

Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats (Refresher) Route 1 (STCW A-VI/2-2)

Duration: Half day


  1. MCA approved Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats (PSCRB) or its Updating course certificate
  2. Self-declaration form for the PSCRB Route 1 Updating course
  3. Valid medical fitness certificate recognised by the MCA such as ENG1 or equivalent and/or completion of medical declaration to assess fitness to undertake training

Accreditation/Approvals: MCA as per the STCW Code section STCW A-VI/2-1

Overviews: This half day training is for those seafarers who hold a PSCRB certificate and who have maintained the required standard of competence, by on-board training and experience. They are required to complete a ‘self-declaration’ to show that they have maintained their knowledge and skill in all competencies listed in the self-declaration form which can be obtained from course administrators. Seafarers must sign the self-declaration form as a pre-requisite to the reduced hours entry route of the MCA approved updating course.

Registration for this course is not yet open. Check back soon for updates.