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2015 press

PhD students are accelerating elite athletes through sport science

What makes an acceleration athlete and how can elite runners get themselves in the best possible condition before an event?

Postgraduate students from LJMU’s Research Institute for Sport and Exercise Sciences (RISES) provided expert opinion drawing on their world-leading research to answer these questions for BBC Radio 1Xtra’s World Athletics Championships 2015 coverage. The academics used interactive testing from Face to Face with Sports Science, which has won multiple awards and gained competitive funding for its innovative, engaging activities.

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Emeritus Professor outlines the science of floating in football and ballet

Would you like to float like a ballerina or hang like a footballer heading a ball? Believe it or not these magic-like moments are humanly possible without the use of a hoverboard. This illusion is all about the way the centre of gravity shifts in combination with body movement, perfected at times by both a ballerina during a leap and a footballer performing a header.

Emeritus Professor Adrian Lees from the School of Sport and Exercise Sciences explains all via BBCIWonder.