Meet the new Islamic Adviser: Sheikh Zane Abdo

Sheikh Zane Abdo

You may have heard of your university chaplains but do you know what they do and how they can support you? We met with Zane Abdo who is the new Islamic Adviser for LJMU students to find out more about his role and the role of the university chaplains more generally. Here’s what he had to say.

“I provide pastoral care for any student, supporting them spiritually through prayer and teaching as well as signposting them to specialised services within the University,” explains Sheikh Zane. “I also perform the Friday prayer at Byrom street where over 100 students attend.

"The Imam/Sheikh, as I am referred to by a lot of students, is often the first port of call for many students irrespective of their need. This is because the position is seen as the centre of the community and hence he will perform marriages, name children, pray at the time of sickness as well as deliver funeral rites."

As well as spiritual guidance, the chaplains can be another friendly face you can talk to in confidence. You also don’t have to be religious to seek help from a university chaplain, adds Sheikh Zane: “I support students of all beliefs. I am happy to listen and, if I can’t offer the right type of guidance, I can point you in the right direction for the teams who can. If you see me around campus, say hello!"

Some of the most common problems that students talk to Sheikh Zane about are homesickness and exam stress. With that in mind, we asked him to offer some general tips for students:

- Getting out to some society events is a great way to meet people. So get involved with societies that you like the sound of. There are religious societies, there are societies for international students, societies for film-lovers. Check out the LiverpoolSU website to find an up-to-date list.

- Exams can be very stressful but remember to try and look at things in a bigger context. It’s not the end of the world if you don’t get the results you were hoping for. There’s lots of support available at the University, including study skills and health and wellbeing support to help you manage stress.

- It's important to have a routine where you can relax. Take time out to get out in the fresh air and have a walk.

- Reach out to staff if you need any support or would just like someone to talk to– we are all glad to help.

For more personal guidance, you can find Sheikh Zane around campus or get in touch with him, by emailing or calling 07879 435 368.

To find out more about spiritual support at LJMU and the other chaplains here.


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