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Emma Hickson
Emma Hickson: 'There is nothing I regret about deciding to go through Clearing'

I applied for veterinary courses but did not receive the grades that were needed, and decided that I did not want to redo A Levels as I felt I could do no better even after restarting a year, so I decided to start the Clearing process. Deciding to stay at home as my plan B, and deciding on Zoology as a science-based animal course, I ended up ringing LJMU.

I rang later on on results day after a lot of thinking and searching. I spoke to someone and enquired if I had the right grades etc – they then forwarded me to my course leader whom I spoke to about the course. She forwarded me an email offering me a place with all the information on and I had to reply with my acceptance, which I did a few days later, once I had fully decided.

The Clearing process was terrifying, worrying about whether I was going to university or back to school, or even to work. When phoning universities it put me at ease straight away. Starting at LJMU also scared me as I thought that because I was living at home it would be difficult for me to make friends etc. On the contrary it was the exact opposite. 

During Freshers' Week I signed up to LJMU Volleyball and made lots of friends. My course also offered an icebreaker week where we went on trips and did activities as smaller groups to help us meet people and get to know people on our course!

What advice would you give to your younger self?

I'd say don't be so afraid and worried, because it will all turn out amazing in the end anyway! There is nothing I regret about deciding to go through Clearing and LJMU was definitely the right choice.

The balance between amazing teaching and learning as well as the great social and extra curricular activities available is just one thing I love about the University.

There's nothing I would have done differently! Living at home for me was easy, and I always had friends who would let me sleep on their floor after a night out. I feel like I have not missed out on the student experience and have also loved every minute of my course. Graduating with a first this year was the icing on the cake!

Emma HicksonEmma's top 3 tips for Clearing:

1. Don't panic and accept a course just to go to university! Make sure it's right for you

2. Do your research. Before ringing universities make sure they have the course you want and don't settle

3. Don't feel like you need to move away from home to enjoy university: living at home can be massively beneficial

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