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Eleanor Dove
Eleanor Dove: 'The whole process was a lot easier than I expected'

I was planning to do biochemistry at a different university but knew after my chemistry exam that I would not be achieving the grades needed. I really had a bad exam experience and answered less than half of the paper! Afterwards I began looking at other courses that I might enjoy that incorporated both science and history and found Forensic Anthropology at LJMU. 

I hadn’t ever heard of Forensic Anthropology before and I hadn’t even considered moving so far away so it was all quite a big change.

Because I had researched the course in the weeks before results day and spoken to the admissions team I knew I had to get a C in biology to hopefully get a place through Clearing. When I got my results and saw that I had a B in biology I was very relieved and called Clearing to speak to the admissions team: I was worried in case there were no places left so rang as early as possible. I was very nervous about starting at LJMU as I had never been to Liverpool before or seen the accommodation! 

The whole process was a lot easier than I expected and everyone was very helpful both before and after results. They also helped me to secure my accommodation

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Not to worry! Everything worked out so much better than I expected, I loved my undergraduate course and got a first and managed to continue my studies onto a PhD. I wish I’d heard of the course earlier so I could have applied through UCAS, my parents would have definitely have found that less stressful! 

I’ve really enjoyed my time in Liverpool and at LJMU. If I picked one thing I loved most of all it would be the city: I love living in Liverpool

Eleanor DoveEleanor's Top 3 Tips for Clearing:

1. Have your grades and points in front of you

2. Have a pen and paper handy to write down any email addresses

3. Make sure you’ve got good phone signal and a charged battery

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