Meet your LiverpoolSU Team 2017

Liverpool Students' Union officers
Your LiverpoolSU officers: Howisha, Yasmin, Angelina and Rachael

Each year, LJMU students can vote for four Student Officers to work within LiverpoolSU. Once elected, the Student Officers are responsible for representing the LJMU student body and leading on priorities for students. 

All four Student Officers are new to their roles this year and have recently graduated.

We met with the team to discuss all things LiverpoolSU and they gave us an insight into what each of them will be bringing to your Students’ Union team this year:  

What does LiverpoolSU do?

Howisha CharleryHowisha @LSU_VPC: LiverpoolSU represents all LJMU students, with the aim to make their time at university more than just a fantastic degree. We hold exciting events, support student-led clubs and societies, provide academic advice and representation, and just about everything else you can think of! 

Angelina: We support students academically, with our Advice Team and Course Reps as well as socially through our clubs, societies, and various events within the city.

Rachael: We want all students to feel happy and confident that they’ve chosen the right university and the right city to study in.

Yasmin: The student body is central in deciding how the organisation is led and the priorities the Union commit to achieve.

Tell us about your roles

Yasmin IbrahimYasmin @LSU_Pres: As the Student President I act as a spokesperson for the student body, and present the feedback and changes from the students in committees and meetings.

Howisha: I am Vice President for Community Engagement and my role is to make sure that students are staying safe within their new community, looking after their health and wellbeing while having the time of their life at LJMU. I also represent LJMU students on a wider level with the Merseyside City Council and police.

Angelina: My role is Vice President of Academic Quality, which means I work to make teaching, learning and resources better for students at LJMU, by ensuring the University knows what students want and need from their education. I also represent students’ views on their academic experiences and lead campaigns on related aspects within the University. I mainly work with Course Reps to gather opinions and information, but I’m always open for a chat with anyone!

Rachael: I am Vice President of Activities which means I am representing the students’ views within clubs and societies. I am always on hand to hear what students want from the SU and the University. My role is very hands-on and I will be constantly speaking to students and engaging in various activities to ensure they’re of a high quality, and most of all FUN!

What did you study at LJMU?

Angelina CliffAngelina @LSU_VPAQ: I studied Drama and Creative Writing and absolutely loved it. The Joe H Makin drama building was so homely, I’m going to miss basically living in there.

Yasmin:  I have recently graduated from the School of Natural Sciences and Psychology in BSc in Applied Psychology.

Howisha: I studied Sport and Exercise Science.

Rachael: I studied Drama. I loved my course and have been involved in loads of stuff outside of the University course such as being a part of the YEP Programme set up by the Everyman and Playhouse Theatre!

What will you bring to the SU team?

Rachael SmartRachael @LSU_VPA: Positivity, excitement, fun and motivation to make a real difference. Having been a student for three years and being a part of a society for the whole three years, I feel I have a good grasp on what students want from their time here at LJMU.

Howisha: I hope to bring a more fun and exciting way of delivering campaigns on issues that LJMU students face, by making sure that the campaigns are inclusive and engaging as well as getting a positive outcome. During my year as Community Engagement Officer I will be focusing on mental health, sexual violence/misconduct and food options, as well as working alongside Yasmin on her Black History Month campaign.

Angelina: I’m a very calm and confident person. I’m also very strong with my opinions, so will fight hard for the best interests of students.

Yasmin:  Charisma, culture and confidence that LiverpoolSU will make this year one to remember!

What’s your favourite thing about Liverpool?

Yasmin: I like visiting Tate Liverpool, where all LJMU students can free access to exhibitions. The International Slavery Museum is also very interesting and we are hoping to work with them during Black History Month in October.

Angelina: The Egg is the cutest veggie restaurant ever. Resurrection is the best clothes shop ever. 69a is the sickest antiques place, where you can just look at pretty things for hours. And the cat that lives there is lovely. Hard to pick one thing about Liverpool! It’s such a great city!

Howisha: My favourite thing about Liverpool is the wide variety of food places to eat at or just order a take away. Friday and Saturday night in INK bar is always a winner, but if you want to have a bit of chilled out fun beforehand then Ghetto Golf is the place to be.

Rachael: The theatres, the docks and the people I have met are my favourite thing about Liverpool. I love the World Museum and the Central Library, right next to St George’s Hall. Liverpool has a million and one different independent food shops to visit so try as many as you can!

Freshers’ Fair is at the ACC Liverpool on 27 and 28 September.  Find out more about LiverpoolSU and the range of events they have lined up during Freshers’ Fest.


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