Exploring Liverpool as a vegan

Vegan sweet potato fries, halloumi and calzone
Vegan sweet potato fries, halloumi and calzone

I became a vegan in September 2017, and this is when I began my venture into finding as many vegan-friendly places as I could in Liverpool. I wanted to be able to tell students that being a vegan can be done on a budget, and you don’t have to give up any of your favourites. 

In January, a small pop up vegan market took place in The Merchant, on Slater Street (which also has great vibes on a Friday and Saturday if you are looking for a place to go for a few drinks). Although there were only three market stalls here the food was still amazing – we got sweet potato fries and a vegan kebab with all the trimmings, including vegan halloumi and a vegan calzone. 

What is good about these markets is that you are supporting your local community as well as enjoying cruelty-free food. I do not miss meat or dairy at all, and with options like these available, it is no wonder.

I cannot wait for the next pop up market or events such as Liverpool Vegan Festival – I normally keep an eye out on Facebook for when they next are.

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