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Blossom trees in a public park
Sefton Park. Sue Adair/wikimedia/CC BY-SA 2.0

Just around the corner…

After the weather forecast announced record-breaking temperatures we decided it was an occasion which couldn’t be wasted, and organised a picnic in Sefton Park, to reconnect with nature, clear our minds, forget about uni for a day and just enjoy the beautiful weather.

After getting food and snacks from the corner shop and making sure everyone had their sunglasses ready, we headed to Sefton Park: it was my first time there and I was really impressed with how well preserved and beautiful everything was. After finding the perfect spot on the grass, we had our picnic, reflected on our life, and played cards and role-play games.

One of us proposed a trip on the Liverpool Wheel – a short drive back to the city centre and were enjoying the breeze around the dock before boarding for our ride on the ‘Liverpool Eye’. It didn’t last long but the panoramic view was breathtaking and as beautiful as the one offered by the wheel’s London equivalent.

After this we somehow found ourselves in one of my favourite places in Liverpool, Archie’s, treating ourselves with milkshakes and waffles. As typical uni students, we couldn’t end that day without a terrific night out in the best clubs of Concert Square (although the hangover was terrible the next day…). It was one of those uni days you’ll always remember, and we’d do it again without hesitation.



This weekend I headed over to Sefton Park to attend the Liverpool Spring Food and Drink Festival. Deciding to go on both days meant disguising myself as best as possible on the Sunday to avoid being recognised and take advantage of more free samples of tequila cheese and shots of red wine – is there a greater combo on the planet?
This year there was a bigger focus on vegan stalls, which is the great thing about LSFD as it caters for pretty much everyone, from sugar and carb addicts to plant based food lovers. Don’t be deceived by the festival’s title either, in between all the food stalls are handmade gifts, from candles to bath bombs and Viking horns. And if all the brownies, pizza and halloumi fries haven’t filled you up once the festival finishes, then you can head over to Lark Lane, a bohemian paradise, and check out all the cool restaurants and bars down there.

Cheshire Cheese Company combined my two first loves, food and alcohol; with their sticky toffee pudding cheese and a tequila and lime cheese (yes it’s really a thing and possibly Cheshire Cheese’s answer to Desperado beer?). Given I wouldn’t touch cheese unless it was on a pizza over twelve months ago, I’d say this cheese company was revolutionary in its flavours.

The highlight and winning stall for me this weekend was by far the Tipsy Tart tent. Never has a brand name spoken more to me. The liqueur supplier from Ludlow had a range of flavours to choose from; including violet and salted caramel and you could even buy shimmer to add to your drinks. Personally, I prefer substance over style, but if you want to impress people it’s definitely something different. Being a chocolate addict, I had to try the white chocolate vodka which I mixed with prosecco and strawberries. I was surprised by how much it actually tasted of chocolate and subsequently had to try another two cupfuls whilst listening to DJ Mark Armstrong in the prosecco tent.

If you’re thinking of going to the next food and drink festival in September then definitely check Groupon for ticket deals as it’s considerably cheaper. DON’T go in sandals if it’s been raining as a few people did this year. No one looks cool being dragged out of the mud with ruined shoes and you also run the risk of spilling your drink everywhere. It’s a bit of trek walking from the city centre but an Uber is relatively cheap at £4 or £3 for a train to St Michaels, a ten minute walk from Sefton Park.
Whatever you did this weekend, I hope you’re equally as stuffed as me!


…or further afield

Liverpool is one of the most spectacular cities with plenty to keep you entertained, yet the ‘hustle and bustle’ lifestyle can become tiring. Also, if you’re like me, a third year with a budget who has walked the World Museum and window-shopped L1 countless times, there’s a particular place which is a breath of fresh air. So to where do I refer? The Lake District!

A rock-strewn stream in a Lake District valleyGive me a chance! It’s not exactly down the road but it’s worth it. Now, if you have access to a car, brilliant. The journey is quicker and you have access to the whole Lake District at your leisure. However, if like me you don’t, the train is your best friend. Surprisingly, tickets are cheap, especially if booked in advance with a railcard. Buy a ticket to Windermere, which takes roughly two hours with a change at either Manchester or Preston.

If you’re just looking for a day trip, Windermere has you covered. Fantastic nature walks, such as the trek up to Orrest Head, provide unparalleled views. The lake itself is beautiful, and the town full of history. If you grew up with tales of Beatrix Potter, the museum in the town will be full of nostalgia. The Lake District is... slightly obsessed with Beatrix with tales of her adventures found all over.

A mossy wall adjacent to a roadThe area caters for any budget. If you can spare the time to make your visit into a weekend trip, even better. Bring your own tent and you can set up almost anywhere as long as you abide by the code. Camping sites are readily available and cosy B&Bs can be found in excess. If you look around you can get some for very reasonable prices!

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