6 top wellbeing tips for international students

Exterior of the Cat Cafe Liverpool

Moving away from home for university can be daunting. Here are six top tips to support your wellbeing during this challenging transition.

1. Societies

Spend time doing what you like. There are over 100 societies at LJMU, these groups range from sports, various activities, niche clubs, beliefs and common interests. Immersing yourself in activities you enjoy and meeting like-minded people is great way to make friends.

2. Be at one with nature

Nature is proven to boost wellbeing by reducing stress. Liverpool has an abundance of luscious gardens, historic parks and uplifting nature reserves. Sefton and Newsham Park are in close proximity to student living areas, meaning easy access. Newsham Park also has a hauntingly paranormal history.

If you’re looking for something more avant-garde, Liverpool’s Festival Garden is filled with oriental themes, pagodas, lakes, waterways and waterfalls. An unexpected enchantingly tranquil environment. However, if straying too far from the city centre is a bit daunting. Chavasse Park in Liverpool One is perfect for taking a few deep breaths before getting back into the exciting hustle and bustle.

3. Exercise

For the few not the many. Although many dislike exercise, it can be the ultimate feel-good pastime. LJMU offers free lifestyle gym memberships which entitles students to use all of the Lifestyle facilities, including their gyms, various fitness classes, swimming pools, tennis, squash, badminton courts, athletic tracks, grass pitches, and even their golf courses.

If you want more of a competitive team atmosphere, LJMU also has sport societies for everyone. So get those endorphins pumping!

4. Zen

Meditation and yoga are activities which have been timeless triumphs for many. There are various guided meditations and yoga classes across Liverpool. But, if you’re not ready to make it part of your weekly budget there are free guided meditation classes offered by the Kadampa Meditation Centre all across the city. LJMU also has their own yoga society which promotes de-stressing from the university lifestyle.

5. Home comforts

Obviously, you can’t bring everything from home. But, for those missing the comfort of their creatures, we have the perfect solution, Pet Cafes! The Cat Café on Bold Street is the place to be if you’re missing feline friends. Research has suggested that spending time with animals will have a positive impact on your mood and if that doesn’t work, you can’t go wrong with a nice cup of tea.

6. Last but not least

University support. LJMU offers a range of services to help every student with their physical and mental health. Speak up and speak out about mental health.


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