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National Student Money Week takes place 3-7 February and the theme for this year’s campaign is ‘Spend Healthy, Live Healthy’. Inspired by this, here are five ideas to save your pennies whilst being kinder to the planet!

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1. Plan ahead and buy in bulk

Planning your meals and buying your food in bulk can be a great way to save money whilst ensuring no food goes to waste. You also save time by knowing exactly what you want when heading into the supermarket and when it comes to making the food itself as you can make it in big batches and just reheat it in portions.

2. Swap meat for cheaper and healthier substitutes

Regularly eating meat can get expensive so why not mix it up a bit? Even if it’s just for a few meals a week swapping meat for alternatives, such as chickpeas, beans and lentils can work out a whole lot cheaper. Reducing your meat consumption has also proven to have an extremely positive impact on the health of the planet, so it is a win-win.

3. Zero waste swaps

Investing in reusable products, such as coffee cups and shopping bags, is a brilliant way to save money whilst helping the environment. Although you have to make that initial purchase, you save money in the long run as shops reward you for making the swaps. You may not think it at the time, but that 5p charge for plastic bag adds up! Most coffee shops, including the cafés and Starbucks across campus, offer discounts for using a reusable cup and within no time you’ll have paid for that reusable coffee cup! Don’t forget during NSMW you can get a free reusable cup at any of the LJMU café outlets.

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4. Travel

Swap your car for the bus, or the bus for a walk. Doing so will not only be beneficial to your bank account and the environment, but also your health! Even if it is just for one day a week it makes a difference.

5. Shop smart

The fashion industry has a huge impact on the environment through pollution and waste. If you’re guilty of being a bit of a shopaholic, try to be as responsible as you can. A great way to do this is by shopping at charity shops, like Oxfam on Bold Street or doing some second-hand shopping online which Depop and eBay are great for it. Investing in fewer better-quality products can also help you and the planet as you won’t have to keep spending money to replace them.

If you make these small changes, you could make big differences to your wallet – and the environment!

For more information on how to save and be more sustainable, why not check out some events coming up across the university? John Moore’s Students’ Union are hosting a sustainability fair on Wednesday 5 Feb where students can learn how to be more eco-friendly, meet local organisations and find out how to get involved with the green community.

For more sustainable money tips visit the Blackbullion website and if you need advice about your money speak to Student Advice and Wellbeing's money team: 0151 231 3153.

LJMU students can save money by using their exclusive free and discounted offers! You can also come along to our City Socials for FREE. Meet new people, try something new and get to know the city.


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