Will my start-up be okay?

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If you have started your business or you’re counting down to launch date, you may be thinking “will my start-up be OK?” and feeling a bit uncertain right now. This is completely normal and we are putting together some tips and advice that aim to answer some of the questions you might have and give a round-up of current sources of help.

It's really important to manage your wellbeing alongside the business of running your venture at any time, but even more important now to practice self-care and be kind to yourself before you start to look at the bigger picture of your start-up plans. 

Here’s an article that might help you navigate the current situation that we find ourselves in, with some tips for dealing with uncertainty.

Our Business Adviser, Claire, will be providing a list of steps to check, whether it's about staying afloat or how to keep planning your start-up idea. The type of things you should be thinking about will be: a financial assessment and your current position, how can you pivot, collaborate, seek opportunities, keep in touch, listen, engage, move with the mood and tap into customer needs.

Our first piece of advice would be to listen; listen to other people; take part in some online Q&As, panel talks, webinars, etc. There is some great online content being produced right now that is free to take part in and explores where we are now and provides the opportunity to ask questions. If you are following us regularly in our social pages and groups, we always share the online events that look useful and interesting and we're usually taking part in them ourselves.

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The Centre for Entrepreneurship team is working remotely and ready to respond to your questions and concerns, get in touch via email: startup@ljmu.ac.uk.


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