Our summer virtual start-up school: how did it go?

Placement student Justin gives an insight into the success of LJMU's latest enterprise learning experience.

Summer school

Throughout the academic year we deliver start-up schools to students who have a business idea or start-up. These schools help students expand their entrepreneurial skills, grow their business idea and develop their business plan.

This time around we knew the school would be a lot different. We were worried about how we would deliver the summer start-up school, we even felt unsure about it happening at all. However we refused to give up! Luckily, our Enterprise Training Manager, Anna, had an amazing vision that she was able to bring to life. Anna leads all of our start-up schools, where her passion for teaching shines through – we are the perfect team.

Our main concern was what platform to use to host the start-up school. Ease of access and quality were the most important aspects. After researching different platforms we concluded that Zoom was the best option. It’s sleek, easy to use and allowed us to deliver the start-up school just as if it were face-to-face.

After weeks of planning the start-up school arrived – and what a success it was! Once again I was amazed by our team for coming together to help plan and deliver a whole new way of learning. Honestly, it was our best start-up school to date! The whole thing was made possible thanks to Anna and the 16 brilliant students who took part. Each day was different and I was amazed at the enthusiasm and excitement we all felt throughout the week.

Every day during start-up school I felt inspired by the ideas and stories of our students. They are the future of our economy and I was so happy to meet with them all. Although we are living through uncertain times, it was great to see the positive outlook from young entrepreneurs and hear about how they can change the future by making their mark on the business world.

I would like to thank Anna, Emma, Dominique, Claire and Sally for being the most amazing team. They make every student feel comfortable and welcome. I've also learned a lot from them. Most importantly thank you to the students, it was a pleasure working with you all and I hope your visions come to life!

Remember to stay safe, keep positive and take each day as it comes.

The Centre for Entrepreneurship team is working remotely and ready to respond. You can drop us an email to startup@ljmu.ac.uk and we will be back in touch ASAP. #LJMUTogether


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