How do accountants add value to society? 

How do accountants add value to society?

The perception of accountants as backroom number crunchers whose main highlight is dealing with a company's end of year accounts is far from the reality. An accountant in the 21st century does so much more. In the video above, Catherine Fairhurst and Lucy McGrath who lecture on the Accounting and Finance degree at Liverpool Business School discuss how accountants add value to today’s society.

Did you know?

  • Accountants help bring to justice those who break tax rules and engage in unscrupulous business practices

  • Accountants shine a light on the inappropriate tax practices of large multinationals

  • Accountants support businesses throughout their entire lifecycle from start-up through to exit

  • Modern accountancy is far from dull. Technology has made it possible for computers to take care of the labourious number crunching tasks freeing up accountants to get into more of the interesting analytical and strategic aspects of business

Watch students on the Accounting and Finance degree talk about their experiences of the programme.

Accredited by the UK’s four leading professional accountancy bodies, the BSc Accounting and Finance course at Liverpool Business School is designed to train the next generation of accountants, finance managers and management professionals.


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